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Straight Jacket Romance -11-
"Are you alright?" Gail was at Alice's side, her fingertips against his forehead, caressing soothingly.
It surprised me it took so long for the staff to realize something was wrong but Roger and I had wandered around the side of the building just out of view. Alice must have followed knowing better than to leave me on my own with my ex. And the sound of the fight must have traveled catching either Tony or Gail's attention. Unless Gail had her eyes on Alice the whole time? It wouldn't have surprised me, really it wouldn't. She seemed to study him like a hawk half the time.
"I'm fine." Alice pulled his hand away from his mouth.
His lip was split open and bleeding. There was a trail of blood dribbling down his chin slowly. He didn't look fine but he sure acted like nothing had happened. I was sure he was trying to appear tough.
"Treloar!" Gail called out loudly, panicked.
I looked up as the familiar brunette doctor came into view with a fast pace. Gail's shrieking voice must have carried
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Straight Jacket Romance -10-
I instinctively backed up as if trying to find an exit. I didn't want to see Roger. I hated him. He had been a deciding factor on why I had ended up here. I never wanted to see him again. In fact I planned on never seeing him again. I had pictured spending the rest of my life away from him at all costs. And he had come to the only place I could not flee from. He was confronting me in a place I was trapped.
"Emilie, you okay?" Alice took his finger from under my chin looking over to me.
I shook my head softly. I felt like I could not move fast enough. I felt so stiff, stuck in place like a statue. I could not believe this was happening. I just did not want to see him.
"No." I mumbled.
It was too late though. Roger had begun walking towards Alice and I. There was no way for me to evade him. I had to face him. This also meant that someone had to have known I was here. It made me more curious as to who had committed me to this place, I certainly couldn't have done it myself.
"What's wrong?
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Mature content
Straight Jacket Romance -9- :iconhopelessrayne:HopelessRayne 13 39
Straight Jacket Romance -8-
"Hey, get up." I felt something nudging me and opened my eyes with a yawn.
I was surprised to not feel odd for once. Normally I woke feeling exhausted still or dying of thirst but I felt no real symptoms. It took me a moment to realize that it was due to having not taken my medication the previous night. I had fallen asleep on my own without little trouble. I looked to whom had woken me to recognize it to be Alice.
"What's going on?" I asked stretching a bit before sitting up.
I wondered why he had woken me up. It was the first time he had during my stay here. All other times he let me sleep in as late as the medication let me. Glancing to the window I noticed the sun was high in the sky and bright. It had to be morning and I wondered if I had slept as long as to lunch time.
I pushed the blankets off my body finding myself rather warm. Alice found an empty spot and took a seat on the edge of my bed. He looked to me for a moment and smiled. Gently he reached out and pushed my messy hair
:iconhopelessrayne:HopelessRayne 15 29
Mature content
Straight Jacket Romance -7- :iconhopelessrayne:HopelessRayne 13 36
Straight Jacket Romance -6-
"Alice." A voice came from outside the door, the lock was turning.
Alice tensed, we both knew it was Gail. He released me from his arms and I quickly collapsed laying my head on his lap trying to be as flat as I could. From the back of the couch it would look like he was alone. Even if this was an awkward position to have thrown myself in.
"Yeah?" He called out calmly when the door opened then closed.
"Just wanted to make sure you were okay." Gail told him in a sweet voice.
I clasped my hand over my mouth to make sure I stayed quiet but it was just so bizarre to think of a nurse liking a patient. It seemed so unprofessional and could have even been damaging to him getting better. I wondered what would happen if someone dropped a clue about it? Surely she'd be gone. I would not strip Alice of his privileges though, I had seen the erratic way he behaved at the sheer mention of losing ten minutes of tv time. He needed that sanctuary in this place.
"I'm fine. Just watching an old show
:iconhopelessrayne:HopelessRayne 13 42
Straight Jacket Romance -5-
Alice was right, a short while later Gail came inside the room. I kept my eyes shut trying to make it seem like I was naturally asleep. I did not need her catching me, she hated me as it was. I didn't need to give her a reason to do something that could be punishing because she caught me awake.
"Alice..." Gail's voice could be heard in a soft whisper as she spoke with him.
"Yeah?" He responded in his similar soft voice.
"Do you want to watch television tonight?" She questioned in a caressing tone.
I almost wanted to peek to see if indeed she was flirting with him as she had been earlier. The tone led on that she was but body language could give away a lot too.
"Mhmm." He mumbled back to her.
I could almost hear him grinning. I'm sure he was flashing quite the nice smile but I could not risk a look at that either. He had told me before he played it up to get his way and it was obviously working.
"Alright, here's the key. Slip it under my office door when you finish." She instructed him.
:iconhopelessrayne:HopelessRayne 13 17
Straight Jacket Romance -4-
Walking to my bed I saw a new shirt laid out for me like Doctor Treloar had promised. I decided I would take my pills first then change after. I picked up the cup about to pop them into my mouth but Alice startled me. He grabbed my cup taking it from me. I stared at him in confusion.
"You're not taking them tonight." He was talking in a soft whisper and I was curious as to just what he meant.
I had to take them. I was supposed to. It was just what was ordered, I couldn't simply not take them because I didn't want to. Or because I hated the way the pills effected my body.
"Well, why not?" I whispered right back.
He smiled, all knowingly.
"When Gail says she'll check to see if we're in bed it means in twenty minutes she'll come in here to ask if I want to watch television. At night they lock the rooms so the patients can't get out, she'll leave our door unlocked so I can sneak back into the day room." The smile suddenly made sense.
"I want you to come with me." He whispered softly but th
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Straight Jacket Romance -3-
Alice and I made it to the day room. There wasn't any body else inside. He walked to the television turning it on settling on some random channel. It wasn't even a color program, it was black and white but I didn't mind it. I liked the older look to it, the feeling of a time long since passed. Alice came back to the couch and sat down beside me.
"Before Bambi got here I'd watch this non-stop all day. It was my best friend." He commented to me.
I looked to him seeing his eyes were focused solely on the screen. He almost seemed addicted to it even. And to refer to such an object as his 'best friend' implied a lot.
"Didn't you want to talk to any one?" I was curious as to who he was.
I mean he spoke so well, was charming, he seemed like a people person. He had won Gail over so he had to know just how to influence people. I couldn't picture him being some silent type that simply watched television all evening. It was too much of a contrast to the man I currently saw.
"No. Not at first. I w
:iconhopelessrayne:HopelessRayne 14 23
Straight Jacket Romance -2-
The same dry taste overwhelmed my senses as I woke the following afternoon. I could feel a slight headache growing, working its way to a migraine status as it throbbed in my temple. I didn't like these pills nor the effects they had on me. I rubbed my eyes feeling almost like I could not open them. I was exhausted, just physically spent and weakened. That feeling Alice had described to me about feeling fragile had finally hit full force.
I accepted where I was, even if the concept seemed bizarre at first thought. My concern was mainly about how I could get out of this place or even how long I was meant to stay here. Who had committed me anyway? I didn't remember checking in. But then again, didn't remember a lot about why I had come here even. Not till Alice showed me what I had done did the memory come back to me. I must have blocked the thought out. I wondered if this was my minds way of coping, shutting out the events that had led me to here till I could deal with it in due time.
:iconhopelessrayne:HopelessRayne 12 33
Straight Jacket Romance -1-
I opened my eyes feeling tired and confused. I glanced to a small glass window to the left of me to see a lush green courtyard down below. On the walls next to the window were hundreds of child-like pictures drawn in an assortment of crayon colors...
Where was I?
I moved my tongue around my mouth trying to wet it with saliva, it was uncomfortably dry and I felt I could not swallow properly. My lips rubbed dryly against one another as my eyes settled on the bed located in the corner with all the drawings surrounding it.
Who's bed was this?
Who's room even?
I had no memory of a place ever looking like this not in real life, not from a dream, not anywhere.
This was not my apartment, not even close to it. This room was so bland, so white, sterilized and creepy.  I glanced to the right finding another bed and a large steel door with metal grating across another square window. Slowly I rose up from the bed I was seated on. My feet shuffling against the cold linoleum floor with a bo
:iconhopelessrayne:HopelessRayne 15 31
Hey There -colored- by alice-cooper-rocks
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Hey There -colored- :iconalice-cooper-rocks:alice-cooper-rocks 8 37
Ziggy Stardust by alice-cooper-rocks Ziggy Stardust :iconalice-cooper-rocks:alice-cooper-rocks 12 10 Feathers Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Feathers Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 1,303 189 Brush Pack - Crowns 01 by MouritsaDA-Stock Brush Pack - Crowns 01 :iconmouritsada-stock:MouritsaDA-Stock 1,015 110 Copic Colors for the Gimp by ccolors Copic Colors for the Gimp :iconccolors:ccolors 125 43





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